Kristaki Hudson providing lands in secondlife since 2007 on the secondlife grid always growing with stand alone regions Full Prims and Homesteads. This year in 2019 we took the decision to bring sailable estate sims for the secondlife residents with a discoteque in the north of the estate sailable and and airport to fly in Secondlife. All these islands are decorated with awesome prims, palms, rocks, sea colors, sea waves and we do provide also houses based on request.

All parcels size are possible its a matter to IM us ( from the contact information ) and we will come back to you asap.

The Landlord Mister Kristaki Hudson always wish his residents served fast and happy on the land chosen from you to have your secondlife.

Coral Estates is based on service, fast response and on website management.

Do not doubt to IM me inworld or the staff for any land booking or land informations.

I wish you a nice play and lovely prims inworld.

Kristaki Hudson

CEO Coral Estates