ATM - Terminal Tier payements


Find below how works

Account information:

Click on the button it will retrieve all information about your land

Reset Password: Press the button a new password be sent to your inworld Local Chat ( make sure to read good your local chat)

Website: You can open our website and find many informations about coral-estates. ( see below )

Help: Find out which staff is online or the CEO or office SLurl.


Has a Coral Estates resident renter we offer you both ways to check your land infos.

1. The inworld Hud ( to find above the atms-Terminal )

2. The website at: Login page. Once there Login with your

     - Secondlife Name

     - Password  ( the one the atm gave you )

If you forgot your password you can reset it has mentionned above.

Any issues or doubt or cuestions can be found contacting us:

     - In-world

     - Email at

Kristaki Hudson

CEO Coral Estates