ESTATE OWNER:  Kristaki Hudson
ESTATE MANAGERS: Leah Chardin and Sugarpie Froobert

CONTACT: Leah Chardin or Sugarpie Froobert

This sim is part of CORAL ESTATES. Coral Estates is a privately operated estate so you don't need a premium account to buy land with us. Before buying this land you need to agree to the following rules. Please read carefully  as sales are final and no refund will be issued.


  1.  Minimum tier payment is 1 weeks. First payment is made when land is purchase.
  2. Payments can be  made at the Coral Estates Office at the payment terminals
  3. Tier must be paid ON or BEFORE the due date. If there is any problem regarding payment, please advise beforehand or your land may be reclaimed once you run in arrears.
  4. Tier is not refundable or transferable.

  1. The land you purchased comes landscaped. You may remove trees and plants to make room for your house but you must make sure that the land has luscious vegetation always.
  2. If you prefer to use your own palms, they must be of same or better quality and blend in color and height with the palms already on your land. Preferably use the same palms that we used.
  3. All plants used MUST BE in keeping with the theme of the sim. i.e Tropical plants in tropical sims, not pines.
  4. Do not use the same plant or tree in a way that creates a fence-like arrangement.
  5. Only one house per parcel.
  6. Your house must be in keeping with the theme of the sim. Maximum height is 15m from the ground.
  76. The house cannot take up the entire land. Leave enough space for trees and plants at the sides and the back of the house.
  8. Objects that may come with the land  come "as is" and will not be re-adjusted or repositioned but they can be returned.
  9. Landscaping items returned accidentally or otherwise will be replaced by the current land owners or by us for a fee.
10. Land that looks abandoned may be reclaimed without notice.
11. No weather systems or temp rezzers.
12. Scripted items abusing the sim resources will be returned without notice.
13. Skyboxes, platforms and other floating objects are allowed above 1000m.
14. The landscape elements you use must look nice from all sides and must not block the view from the other lands.

  1. Respect your neighbors and the estate management. Harassment of any sort will not be tolerated.
  2. Security systems need to issue at least a 30 secs warning before taking action.
  3. Set your security system to eject people gently. Do NOT teleport them home.
  4. No shouting objects.
  5. In About Land > Options keep "Object Entry" ENABLED.
  6. In About Land > Sound keep "Restrict gesture and object sounds to this parcel" ENABLED.

Kristaki Hudson C.E.O
Leah Chardin Coral Estates Manager
Sugarpie Froobert  Coral Estates Sales Manager


Inworld Office SLUrl: